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Office workers, Teachers, School leavers and anyone who wishes to obtain sufficient knowledge on handling office application.

Online Training  Class Room Training
We conduct online training sessions for individual and group training depending on trainer requirement. Training Tool:
  • Zoom Video Communications
  • TeamViewer
  • Google HangOut
  • Online Course Materials
Class room training can be arrange with in two premises Thimbirigasyaya and Thalawathugoda. For more information contact:

Word Processing

  • Using the Application: (First steps with Word Processing, Adjust Settings)
  • Main Operation: (Insert Data, Select Data, Edit Data, Duplicate, Move, Delete , Search and Replace)
  • Formatting: (Text Formatting, Paragraph Formatting , Document Formatting)
  • Objects: (Tables, Pictures , Images, Charts)
  • Mail Merge: (Concepts and Practice)
  • Prepare Outputs


  • Using the Application
  • Cells: (Insert Data, Select Data, Rows and Columns, Edit Data, Duplicate , Move, Delete, Search and Replace, Sort Data)
  • Worksheets
  • Formulas and Functions: (Arithmetic Formulas, Cell Referencing, Working with Function)
  • Formatting: (Numbers/Dates, Contents, Alignment, Border, Effects,)
  • Charts/ Graphs
  • Prepare Outputs


  • Using the Application : (Data base Concepts, First Steps With Database, Adjust Settings)
  • Tables: (Main Operation, Define Keys, Table Designing/Layout, Table Relationships)
  • Forms
  • Retrieve Information: (Main Operation, Queries, Sort Records)
  • Reports
  • Prepare Outputs


  • Using the Application
  • Developing a Presentation: (Presentation Views, Slides, Using Design Templates, Master Slides)
  • Text and Images: (Text Input, Formatting, Pictures, Images, Duplicate. Move, Delete)
  • Charts/Graph ,Drawn Objects: (Using Charts/Graphs, Organization Charts, Drawn Objects, Duplicate, Move, Delete)
  • Slide Show Effects: (Presets Animation, Transitions)
  • Prepare Outputs: (Preparation, Printing, Deliver a Presentation)
Class Room Training
Duration: 3 Months (30 Hours)
Course Fee: Rs. 14,000 ($100)
Installment Plans:
  • Plan 01 (2 Installments) :
    Pay 3,500/= as 1 st Installment and    10,500/= as 2 nd  Installment

Online Payment Methods:


On demand classes can be arranged for small group/individual on Weekdays morning/Evening and Weekends

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